About Aerial Photography

Oblique aerial photography

Oblique aerial photography is the angled view of a property. The 111th is always looking to bring back the complete picture taking close-ups of the site all the way around and wide views showing the location of the site. The client always receives at least 15-20 photographs of the site provided as digital files sized at 8″ x 12″ & 300 dpi. You as the client have full use of the imagery to use your aerials in any manner you deem appropriate.


Vertical aerial mapping

Vertical aerial mapping is taking straight down imagery. For large areas we take multiple images and mosaic them together into a single high resolution image.


Aerial Video

Aerial Video is a specialty art form and the 111th has made it affordable.



Leading Network

The 111th is networked around the world through the Professional Aerial Photographers Association, Int’l.