March 2016 Calendar

Hi everyone,

The other day Julie and I stopped in at Half Moon Bay to get a bite to eat. Lovely place. A short walk from the helicopter to town on a well worn path, to a long line of people (at least 1 hour wait) trying to get into a popular, pub…unless you happen to get the secret from someone else heading out to their airplane. They told us to just walk into the bar, plenty of tables, no wait, same food and service. It was great!

Upon leaving, we flew down the coast for several minutes, but did not have enough fuel remaining to go all the way to Santa Cruz, so we went past the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and turned for San Martin.

Probably most of you have stayed here, with rooms starting at a mere $540 a night, but Julie and I have not. (One more thing we might want to do after we hit the lotto). They have a luxury golf resort with two 18 hole ocean front courses. Built in 2001, this Georgian Revival style hotel with the Ritz-Carlton brand has become one of the premier destinations in Northern California.

We’ll get some ground shots when we stay there…..haha.

Have a great March!

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